5 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Alcohol

5 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Alcohol

5 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Most people who like to drink, to get drunk, and have a good time have questioned whether or not they drink too much. Everyone who has this thought wander through their head needs to spend some good time really thinking about if they drink too much, are addicted to alcohol, or simply enjoy a beer or a glass of wine every now and again. The signs are in your behavior and environment.  If after reading this you feel like you have a problem with alcohol and need assistance, contact Intervention Drug Rehab to find your ideal drug rehab center today.


  • Your family and friends are concerned


If your family or close friends have brought up their concern at how much you are drinking, it is probably a good sign to cool it for a while. Even if you’re absolutely sure you’re not addicted to alcohol, think about giving it up for a month to prove to them, and more importantly to yourself, that you aren’t addicted to alcohol. Chances are, you’ll feel much better after the month. If you can’t make it for how the length of time you had for a goal, it is best to enroll in an addiction recovery center immediately.



  • You need more to get drunk


If you find yourself needing to drink six or seven drinks to keep up with your friends that get drunk off three, odds are you drink more than they do and should probably limit your intake. Your body builds up a tolerance to alcohol like it does with everything else you put into it. If you are drinking often, then it will be difficult to achieve the goldilocks level of intoxication. If the desired effects of alcohol aren’t getting met, quickly crossing over the edge into uncomfortability can be a sign of unhealthy alcohol use. Binge drinking is always an unhealthy sign of alcoholism. If you engage in binge drinking often, please enroll in a substance abuse treatment facility.


  • You are drinking many drinks more than the weekend


Studies show that drinking seven drinks in a night is much worse for you than having one drink every night of the week. If you are binge drinking on Friday and Saturday, you could have a problem with alcoholism. It is a sign of dependence that transcends the constant physical need and finds itself in the realm of functioning alcoholism.


  • You are having trouble remembering things or keeping commitments


Forgetting your niece’s birthday or pizza with friends to get drunk, prioritizing substances over people is a tell-tale sign that you are drinking too much. Perhaps if you are also experiencing sign number one, it is because of your inability to commit to events responsibilities is illuminating the issue to the people who care about you most. If things at work or school slip your mind, it could be a side effect alcohol is having on you. Foregoing responsibilities is when most people begin to realize that they have a problem.


  • You’re experiencing intense emotions


Getting overly emotional can be a warning sign of alcoholism that one can use to evade the disease, but it needs to be acknowledged early to get out of its grip. Sudden aggressive behavior, yelling, depression, and anxiety are all indicators that you may be drinking too much. If you are having trouble having a good time while you are drinking, then it may be because you are drinking too frequently, too much at a time, or both.

If these signs apply to you, please call Intervention Drug Rehab to set up a consultation at addiction treatment facility.

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