7 Myths About Addiction

7 Myths About Addiction

7 Myths About Addiction

Drug addiction is widely misunderstood, under treated, and grossly mythical. Anyone who has had experience with addiction should try their best to act as an educator, spreading awareness about the truths and falsehoods believed about addiction. Below are seven myths about drug use and dependence. If you or anyone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, please call Intervention Drug Rehab today to set up a consultation at the ideal drug rehab center for the particular situation.

Drug addicts can stop using whenever they choose.
Considering the highly addictive nature of contemporary drugs, beating addiction is more than kicking a habit. Highly addictive drugs change the chemistry of the brain so that they are a necessity to go on living. Therefore when the drug addict tries to quit, they are physically incapable without the help of an addiction treatment center.

2) Drug addicts are immoral.
There is simply no connection between morality and lack of respect for personal well-being. Although people addicted to drugs routinely hurt the people they love, it is not out of immorality. Addiction is so powerful over human beings that it can cause people to do things they would never do otherwise. Treatment at an addiction recovery facility will often illuminate the bad choices they made in the grip of addiction.

3) All drug addicts fall under a stereotype.
The drug addict stereotype is wildly inaccurate. What we perceive as the lower class male that is of an ethnic minority is not even close to the whole story. People from all backgrounds and incomes find themselves in addiction. Fame and affluence often lead to addiction. Money is always a factor in funding the dependence.

4) If you can function in society, you are not a drug addict.
This myth has given way to the acknowledgment of “functioning alcoholics” and “functioning drug addicts.” These are people who, basically, can keep up their addiction and their work and/or personal lives.

5) Narcotics are the only addictive drugs.
Drugs other than heroin, crystal meth, and cocaine are not the only addictive drugs. Addictions can be realized through hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants, and steroids. A person can become dependent on a variety of drugs even though narcotics are the most physically addictive.

6) Recovery is possible without rehab, rehab doesn’t work.
Drug addiction recovery is extremely difficult without the professional, caring help of a substance abuse treatment facility. Going through withdrawals on your own is not only unpleasant, it is dangerous. People addicted to powerful drugs can even die when they go off them.

7) Relapse is a failure
The natural emotional response to relapse is shame, embarrassment, self-loathing, hopelessness, depression, and anxiety. These feelings are there to get you to use drugs again. Knowing that addiction is simply out of your control will help you to forgive yourself for losing your way and lead you to the necessary step of recovery at a drug rehab clinic.

If you or anyone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol then it is time to call Intervention Drug Rehab so we can connect you with the ideal addiction recovery center for the particular situation and the individual’s needs.

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