All About Outpatient Treatment

All About Outpatient Treatment

All About Outpatient Treatment

Many individuals seeking help from an addiction recovery facility are often very interested in enrolling in an outpatient addiction treatment program; however, their eligibility must be determined on a case by case basis, through assessments and evaluations with a case manager. Intervention Drug Rehab Association offers outpatient treatment programs to those who have already established a period of sobriety and are able to remain drug or alcohol free for up to 72 hours without supervision.


For clients who are unable to take breaks from school, work, or other personal obligations, this type of addiction treatment program is ideal. The length of each individual’s addiction treatment program will vary based on the severity of the addiction and amount of substance abuse. At minimum, programs usually last one to three months, with more severe cases lasting up to a year or more. Outpatient programs generally do not exceed 90 days, as year long programs are mostly inpatient/residential addiction treatment programs due to the greater risk of relapse.


What is the Difference Between IOP and OP?


In Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s Intensive Outpatient Programs, clients meet in group counseling sessions for 14 hours per week. Clients also go to the gym 5 days per week. In addition to these components, the program also focuses on the importance of a healthy diet and nutritional needs. Each client interested in IOP must first be medically stable in order to be admitted to the program.


Our Outpatient Program option differs slightly in that clients meet for group therapy six hours per week. They must also meet one hour per week with a counselor and arrange meetings with their case manager as needed. This type of addiction recovery program is perfect for clients who want to keep going to work or attending classes while working to maintain their sobriety. The benefit of this program is achieving recovery in a typical life setting, which gives clients the chance to apply lessons and positive coping mechanisms to triggers and temptations that pop up in everyday life.


Who Should Choose Outpatient Treatment?


  • Those who are afflicted with a moderate case of addiction are a good fit in this level of treatment. Those who are battling a severe addiction need to begin recovery in a more intensive level of treatment, such as inpatient residential addiction treatment.
  • If you are looking for continued care, outpatient treatment is a good choice. Sometimes those who have already been through an addiction treatment program need some maintenance and support. This is the perfect place for that.
  • Educational, personal, or professional obligations can often prevent individuals from enrolling in a residential treatment program. Outpatient programming can be scheduled around these responsibilities.

Contact Intervention Drug Rehab Association today, and speak with one of our intake coordinators about the addiction recovery options we offer. They are highly trained and experienced at helping individuals find the very best customizable addiction treatment program for his or her situation. Give us a call now, and begin your journey toward sobriety and wellness tomorrow.

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