in the Blood: Genetic Testing For Addictive Predispositions

in the Blood: Genetic Testing For Addictive Predispositions

in the Blood: Genetic Testing For Addictive Predispositions

Drug addiction is common all around the world. Addictions run in all types of families, from the lowest income to affluent millionaires. If a parent has an addiction, a child has a greater risk of becoming a drug addict. Addiction is a disease that people struggle with every day. With modern technology, tests are able to determine who may be at a greater risk.


Genetics and addiction

Genetics play a significant role in determining whether a person will become an addict. In fact, half of that determination comes from genetic predisposition. The other half is circumstance and the inability to cope with problems. While you have a greater risk of becoming addicted if your genetics are in line, it doesn’t mean that you won’t develop an addiction if the trait isn’t found in your genes. By repeatedly taking a medication or using a drug, you can still become addicted even if your predisposition is unlikely to foster an addiction.


Families and addiction

Addictions can stem from other family members, but families tend to refrain from talking about those people unless they have to. If you find yourself with an addiction, it is best to bring it up to your family so you can find the best addiction treatment center for your needs. It will also raise awareness and caution within any family.


Genetic testing and addiction

Dopamine is a natural neurotransmitter in the brain. People who have the addiction gene are found to have lower levels of dopamine either from using drugs or why they take drugs. Increasing dopamine levels gives that person an euphoric feeling induced by drugs.

Testing in younger children is a great way to determine early if they have an addictive gene. They could learn to stay away from things that cause addictive behavior, such as alcohol, narcotic medications, and unhealthy foods.

People with certain genes may have more trouble quitting drugs once they start. For instance, if they were prescribed medication for pain, they may have more difficulty to stop using the medication. One gene is more common in those addicted to cocaine than in other drugs. People with a certain gene feel pleasure more often than those without that gene.

All of these tests can help determine the predisposition of addiction. It can help determined early who may be at risk and help those who are already addicted to obtain a sober life again at a drug rehab center.


What to do with addiction

There are different ways to help an addict overcome addiction. A substance abuse treatment center can provide the necessary help. There are in and outpatient facilities that help a drug addict overcome their addiction both physically and mentally.

There is a drug rehab facility in most areas that a person can check into. They will stay there and get the help they need with support groups to receive additional motivation and techniques.
It’s usually best to get completely away from everyone you know.

After treatment, an addict will need to have some sort of addiction recovery program in place. They will need to work their program daily and attend meetings regularly to keep from relapsing. Having a sponsor to call is ideal.



There are different factors that determine whether a person is at a higher risk for becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. Knowing the genetic predisposition of a person can help keep them from becoming dependent on substances. Age and gender also play an important role. A person with the inherited gene is at higher risk of becoming a drug addict. If they are an addict, even after treatment they will have a high risk of relapsing. Testing for and knowing these things can help bring addiction levels in predisposed families down.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with drug addiction, please call Intervention Drug Rehab to find the drug rehab clinic that’s best for your situation.

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