Coming of Age Movies & Their Contribution to Addiction

Coming of Age Movies & Their Contribution to Addiction

Coming of Age Movies & Their Contribution to Addiction

Coming of age movies have a profound impact on the culture of our adolescents. The way we think about drug use is often formed and perpetuated by popular culture. The unintended consequences of these films is that someone who is young and impressionable see’s them and forms a perception of drug use and alcohol drinking that may remain unchanged until they seek recovery at a drug rehab center. Glorifying young people partaking in marijuana smoking, underage drinking, as well as other drug use may lead to the viewers seeking out these extravagant experiences. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is absolutely vital to seek the proper assistance that they need.

Dazed & Confused

This cult classic movie about teenagers in the 1970’s depicts young high schoolers drinking and smoking pot. For an impressionable teen watching the film, they may think it’s cool to ride around in an old car smoking a joint with your buddies. The real problem is, if these kids watching the movie start smoking marijuana at a young age, they will eventually move on to more powerful, stimulating drugs. It isn’t a direct correlation, but it is a key component in the culture that provides a stereotype of “coolness” that pervades our collective consciousness and promotes drug use.

Animal House

Another classic, Animal House is the story of the escapades of a fraternity. Drinking and debauchery are central themes in the frat house comedy. Again a young boy watching the movie may think that the chaos of the house is what they will experience in college and may idealize partying as the ultimate road to happiness. When in reality, John Belushi, one of the film’s stars and most iconic characters, died before his time from a drug overdose. One can only hope that young kids don’t romanticize his death as a comic genius living fast and dying young.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Sean Penn’s debut role was as a blitzed out stoner in Fast Times. And without a doubt the character is relaxed, amiable, and cool. The only problem with this is that the character routinely smokes marijuana, even hitting his head with a brand new pair of Vans when he is stoned. Other than that, the film portrays marijuana use and drinking as a source of fun times. One can only hope that for the viewers, any indulgence is only good times, not the fast times that lead to addiction and a substance addiction recovery facility.


For the contemporary viewer, Superbad unapologetically glorifies partying and sex. Perhaps with satire, the film can, and does, get easily misconstrued as a celebration for binge drinking and promiscuous sex. Either way the film makes the escapade of the perfect night a fun idea. It’s certain that if put to better use, the time spent “finding booze and getting chicks” could be spent doing something more productive.

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