Coming Up…Smiles: The Dangerous Designer Drug

Coming Up…Smiles: The Dangerous Designer Drug

What are Smiles?
Smiles, chemically known as 2C-I, is a psychedelic drug that is has spread among the hallucinogenic drug community. The drug was first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin, a psychopharmacologist, biochemists, and medicinal chemists, reported his experimental findings in his book called PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story (1991). Smiles are commonly sold as a powder, which can be mixed in a number of things such as candy, baked goods, and chocolate. Smiles have side effects common to bath salts as well as other hallucinogens that are still being researched; however, early studies have shown that they are highly dangerous.

Side Effects of Smiles
The side effects of smiles are extremely severe and long lasting, depending on the dosage that is taken. You can experience the symptoms of Smiles for up to 18 hours, and can be almost immediate. The side effects include intense visual hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, panic attacks, and anxiety. Other symptoms are dehydration and stroke. According to witnesses in a case that involved a young man in North Dakota who was experimenting with Smiles, he seemed “possessed,” and had “slammed his head into the ground.” Hours later, he stopped breathing. That 17 year old young man was later pronounced dead. Smiles, or 2C-I, was immediately banned and marked as a Schedule 1 drug. This means that smiles have no medical use, and are designed for recreational use with dangerous consequences.

Where Can You Get Help?
Intervention Drug Rehab Association is a luxury facility that offers a broad spectrum of services to help those who struggle with addiction. We understand that addiction is a disease that affects the mind, body, and soul; however, addiction starts with experimentation. If you or someone you know has been experimenting with 2C-I drugs such as Smiles, call Intervention Drug Association now. Our experienced staff has everything you need to customize an addiction recovery program that specifically caters to your needs. We operate differently than other drug rehab facilities in the sense that we are committed to using a dual diagnosis treatment, which allows for our educated staff to target the physical and psychological aspects of your drug addiction. The first step in your addiction recovery program and dual diagnosis process is detox. You are probably concerned with the effects of withdrawals; however, our clinically managed detox administered by the sympathetic staff will ease you out of your addiction. Our network of providers also offers positive coping mechanisms to help you continue on your path to sobriety. We offer relaxing classes such as art, yoga, meditation, and much more. Do not go experimenting with drugs such as Smiles. Not only can it lead to addiction, but it can also lead to severe side effects or even death. Contact Intervention Drug Rehab Association, to get the proper care and counseling that you need. An intake coordinator will be happy to help you start your journey to sobriety. Regain your happy, healthy, and sober life with the help of Intervention Drug Rehab Association now.

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