Committing to the Straight Edge Lifestyle in Addiction Recovery

Committing to the Straight Edge Lifestyle in Addiction Recovery

Committing to the Straight Edge Lifestyle in Addiction Recovery

If you are going through addiction recovery, but don’t quite relate to the culture of the drug rehab center, then you may be in need of an alternate community and activities to motivate you to stay sober. If you are interested in just about any subversive counter-cultural phenomenon, then you will surely find Straight Edge somewhere in your interests. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol now is the time to commit yourself to a drug rehab facility.

Straight Edge, originally popularized by the Minor Threat song of the same name, spawned a cultural revolution within punk rock that promotes the clear headed sober message of taking care of your body and abstaining from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and promiscuous sex in order to allow you to think rationally and live a drug-free life.

This is a powerful movement that has since transcended hardcore punk music and has made its way into the collective consciousness of the mainstream, but still it is often sadly misunderstood. The positivity, togetherness, and healthy behavior promoted by the community are just what you need right now as you go through recovery at an addiction treatment center. This is the perfect alternative if you feel uncomfortable with the rhetoric of your facility. Although, recovery is not possible without an experienced substance abuse treatment facility, you can find your own niche of sobriety, and the clinic will support that without a doubt.

Committing to Straight Edge has a strong bind and emphasis on committing your life to sobriety. Often people that begin their youth Straight Edge often break the pledge and sink into exponential substance abuse, like a member of a conservative religion trying drugs or alcohol for the first time. The times Straight Edge is most successful are when the person that commits to it has already experienced the unhappiness and desolation of addiction.

Straight Edge lifestyle almost always concerns music, usually promoting the message of the subculture. If you’re not into music, or at least the particular music of the local Straight Edge community, you can surely still gain the support and friendship of the people in the group that do like the music. Bonding over the simple characteristic of abstinence is extremely common.

It bears mentioning that if you smoke cigarettes and want to commit to the Straight Edge lifestyle, it may be best to avoid using the term in favor of honesty about your gradual recovery and eventual goal of quitting tobacco products. Straight Edge does prohibit the use of any tobacco products as a part of the pledge towards a happy and thoughtful life. Therefore Straight Edge peers won’t necessarily accept you as Straight Edge if you still partake in tobacco products. Since quitting smoking while undergoing treatment at a drug rehab clinic is difficult, and not recommended. It is better to take the steps gradually and rid yourself of one addiction before moving on to your dependence on tobacco.

If you or anyone you know has a problem with drug or alcohol addiction, please call Intervention Association so we can connect them with the ideal addiction recovery center that is right for the personal needs of the situation. That is always the first step towards a life of sobriety. Don’t delay, call immediately.

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