Common Fears About Addiction Recovery Programs

Common Fears About Addiction Recovery Programs

Common Fears About Addiction Recovery Programs

Intervention Drug Rehab Association and What We Do

Intervention Drug Rehab Association is a luxurious rehabilitation facility that helps those who are in need of an addiction treatment program. Addiction is a disease that affects the mind, body, and soul, and can be extremely difficult to overcome. Our network provides those who suffer from addiction with a safe place to recuperate and rejuvenate themselves without experiencing any painful withdrawals. Having to be admitted into a drug rehab facility can lead to several concerns and fears.


  1. The Fear of Sobriety– This is the biggest fear you may have when dealing with addiction recovery. Even though reaching sobriety is the main goal, it also means that you have to give up your main source of “happiness” or “relief,” but with the help of Intervention Drug Rehab Association, you will learn that there are other positive coping mechanisms you can use to make your journey to sobriety easier.  
  2. The Fear of Failing– The journey to sobriety will not be swift. There will be many obstacles that can set you back, and that is okay. We at Intervention Drug Rehab Association understand the potential difficulties; however, it will be up to you if you want to continue. We know that you deserve a happy and healthy life, but you have to think the same way. Positivity is a key element to addiction recovery.
  3. The Fear of Success– The opposite effect can happen when you are in addiction recovery. Instead of having the fear of failing, you may fear success. This is because those who suffer from addiction do not necessarily believe that they deserve to succeed. Many people who are in recovery begin with high feelings of self doubt and discouragement, which is common but treatable in therapy.  
  4. The Fear of Rejection– Telling others, such as loved ones, about your addiction struggles is a big step and can be scary. You may feel that you will be rejected. However, it is an important step to admit that you struggle with addiction and that it is okay to reach out for support. Those who care for and love you will help you.
  5. The Fear of Losing Your Identity– When you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, you are only familiar with how and who you are when under the influence. You might fear who you are while sober and may not know what to do. Becoming sober means figuring out who you really are, which some people are not ready to do, or need help doing.
  6. The Fear of Misery– You may fear the feeling of misery or fear continuing to feel miserable even after you are sober. This is because drugs and alcohol create extra dopamine in the brain that create the “happy” feeling. Experiencing anger and depression is common among addiction recovery clients; however, there is help.


How We Can Help

Intervention Drug Rehab Association understands that addiction recovery programs can be a scary thing. We want you to know that even though you may have a lot of fears and doubts about addiction recovery, you can still have support and find success. Your fears about addiction recovery are normal, but it is ultimately up to you if you want to change and have stability in your life. If you do, call Intervention Drug Rehab Association today, so we can help you find happiness within a healthier life.

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