Crystal Meth: How to Say Goodbye to Your Beautiful Smile

Crystal Meth: How to Say Goodbye to Your Beautiful Smile

Crystal Meth: How to Say Goodbye to Your Beautiful Smile

Crystal Meth Quick Facts
Crystal Meth, medically known as methamphetamine, is a recreational drug. Meth originated from weight loss medication that was altered. Crystal Meth is stimulant drug meaning that it creates high levels of intense energy and other heightened effects. The main form of crystal meth is a crystallized substance. Those who sell and/or abuse crystal meth can reduce its original form to a powder or a liquid. This allows for the drug to be snorted or injected for faster results. Similar to cocaine, crystal meth has various street names such as meth, speed, Tina, glass, tweak, chalk, and ice. In a study by NSDUH, an estimated 595,000 Americans in the year 2013 abused crystal meth within one month.

Side Effect and Withdrawal
Meth is an appealing recreational drug because of its stimulating side effects. Those who abuse crystal meth feel euphoria, which appears quickly and is connected with feelings of alertness and high energy. The effects of meth last longer than cocaine; however, the body can become tolerant of the dosages. Being tolerant to crystal meth causes horrible withdrawals if you try to quit. Withdrawal symptoms include rapid weight loss, tremors, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin welts and lesions, nosebleeds, and dental problems.

“Meth Mouth”
One of the major effects of crystal meth is known as “meth mouth.” Due to the drug’s side effects, it can cause rampant tooth decay. It has been demonstrated that those who are addicted to crystal meth have blackened, stained, crumpling, rotting teeth that fall apart. Tooth decay, or even the loss of teeth, is caused by crystal meth’s effects of dry mouth and the person’s lack of oral hygiene. While abusers are high, they also have cravings for sugar such as carbonated beverages and clench their teeth causing damages. There is no cure for “meth mouth,” and at times, teeth have to be removed.

Do You Notice Your Smile Disappearing?
One of the greatest gifts that we have is our smiles. It expresses the joy and happiness that we feel everyday. One smile from you can cause a chain reaction of smiles to go from person to person. However, you can’t smile if you have “meth mouth.” In fact, you won’t be able to do a lot of daily activities with tooth decay or no teeth at all. If you or someone you know has been abusing crystal meth and you notice a change in their behavior or dental hygiene, they (or you) are most likely addicted. Intervention Drug Rehab Association knows just how to help. Call us today, and have an intake coordinator discuss your addiction recovery program options with you. We offer a broad spectrum of pain free services that can relieve you of your addiction. Do not let crystal meth ruin your smile. Keep your teeth and your health by contacting Intervention Drug Rehab Association today.

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