The Danger of Methamphetamine Addiction

The Danger of Methamphetamine Addiction

The Danger of Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine is a popular recreational drug, but it’s also very dangerous. Almost five percent of the American population has tried meth at least once (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007) and a smaller but still significant number of people use it regularly. That number has steadily increased over time, so it’s important to learn to recognize the signs that your loved ones might be suffering from a methamphetamine addiction.

Health Effects of Methamphetamine

The physical impact of long-term meth use are very easy to see. The most famous symptom is tooth decay, but the drug can also cause weight loss and skin lesions. It also significantly increases the risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack.

The mental problems that come from meth use can be just as destructive as the physical issues. It is fairly common for meth users to become paranoid and irritable, (CDC 2007) which can destroy their relationships and make it hard for them to hold down a job. The drug can also cause hallucinations, which can cause problems ranging from fear and discomfort to dangerous physical accidents.

The symptoms get worse over time, so it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. If you know someone who is suffering from those problems, you should encourage them to seek help. Even if you’re wrong and they have never touched the drug in their life, they are probably suffering from another significant health problem. When it comes to something as dangerous as meth addiction, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry.

The Social Impact of Addiction

Addiction can destroy a life. The medical problems that come from regular meth use can make a person lose their job and interfere with their daily life. The mental symptoms can destroy friendships and break up romantic relationships. The financial cost of feeding the addiction often leads to debt and desperation, especially for people who have lost their job from the earlier effects.

These problems can make it difficult for people to seek help. It’s easier to get an addiction under control if you have support from your friends and family. That is another reason why it is best to try to solve the problem before it gets out of control, but it’s never too late to try to reconnect with old friends. Many of them will be happy to have their old friend back and will offer the support that can help people get over their addictions.

The Danger of Production

Some meth addicts who are worried about their finances or about losing access to their supplier try to cook their own drugs. The process is very dangerous and often results in injuries, both for the addicts themselves and for the people around them. Chemical burns are among the most common results (Melnikova et al., 2015) and can be a major warning sign.

Getting Help

Methamphetamine addiction is a major medical problem, but there are ways that you can get it under control. Intervention Drug Rehab Association specializes in helping those who suffer from meth addiction. We have the proper resources and care to help break the cycle of this addiction. We also try to fix whatever problem led the patient to regularly use meth in the first place. It’s a long-term process, but it’s worth the effort. Methamphetamine can break your life apart, and the only way to get it back together again is to take those first steps towards controlling the addiction.

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