DJs and Addiction

DJs and Addiction

DJs and Addiction

It seems like the best job in the world: Traveling the globe, mixing for sold-out crowds, and living the VIP lifestyle. But for many DJs, life isn’t all glamour and excitement. Long tours, hectic traveling schedules, isolation, and the rampant party culture all affect DJs and send many spiralling into addiction. And due to their high-profile status, many DJs are unwilling to get help in addiction recovery centers.

The life of an elite DJ is a whirlwind of airports, hotel rooms, and constantly changing time zones. Between shows, traveling, and partying, they survive on a few hours of sleep a night, take-out, and little to no exercise. They may go weeks or months away from their family, friends, and loved ones, and can feel isolated and alone after repeating this hectic, demanding schedule over and over. And when alcohol is free and people in clubs offer any kind of drug imaginable, it’s hard not to get entangled in drug use. All these factors take a heavy toll on a person’s body and mental health, and DJs face an astounding number of physical and mental challenges which can, in turn, lead to further drug use.

DJs also have to deal with intense highs and lows in their careers. Going from a frenetic club to a dark, empty hotel room, or going from being the hottest new trend to the next one-hit wonder can exacerbate existing mental health problems and push DJs to self-medicate, drinking away their problems. But while partying can superficially ease mental health problems such as anxiety or depression, the drugs and alcohol only serve to shove the problem away, keeping DJs out of touch with their own emotions, thoughts, and state of mental health. They may not even know that their mental health is suffering, because they attribute negative side effects like irritability or insomnia to their draining lifestyle.

Unfortunately, DJs are also unlikely to seek treatment in addiction treatment programs. Like other celebrities or high-profile individuals, they don’t want the negative attention or press, and the fear and shame associated with drug rehab can keep DJs from getting help. Their busy schedules also prevent them from finding treatment; working around gigs is nearly impossible, and to cancel shows would disappoint fans. However, addiction is a serious problem, and anyone suffering with addiction should get help from a drug rehab facility immediately.

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