Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Clinically Managed Detox and Intensive Therapy

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Clinically Managed Detox and Intensive Therapy

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Clinically Managed Detox and Intensive Therapy

According to SAMHSA, 20.2 million people needed help with their drug and alcohol abuse in 2013 but did not receive it. Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s network of providers is well known for their dual diagnosis addiction recovery programs, and they would like to extend a helping hand to you or someone you love. They are aware that reaching out for help can be difficult, but they urge you to do so in order to take advantage of our unparalleled, stress-free addiction recovery programs.

Our experienced staff members will work together at identifying all the effects that addiction creates. By treating all the aspects of addiction and its side effects, we are able to construct a foundation for lasting recovery. We utilize a balanced, rolling enrollment process for taking on new clients. By maintaining a low intake, we are able to offer the highest quality of care. We keep a decreased client count so that all of our in-house clients have 24/7 access to comprehensive care, as well as our broad variety of services. There are two main components to our dual diagnosis treatment programs: clinically managed detox and intensive therapy.

Clinically Managed Detox

At the beginning of your addiction recovery program, you must first go through a complete detoxification. Detox at the start of your treatment program is imperative because it prompts the brain to tell the body that it is no longer physically dependent on daily alcohol or drug abuse. We know that the idea of detox can be scary, but our experienced staff will make sure that you have a relaxing and comforting detox. Intervention Drug Rehab Association truly cares about your comfort and safety. It is our goal to make every client’s detox a peaceful experience. Addiction treatment does not have to be stressful or frightening..

Intensive Therapy

Intervention Drug Rehab Association believes that therapy is the foundation of mental recovery. Individual counseling will allow clients to work with a educated staff members to explore the issues that contribute to the root of their addiction. Often times, a mental illness or life trauma can be influencing an addiction in ways that the client is unaware of. Group therapy gives clients the chance to open up around others who have been through similar experiences with addiction. Here, they can develop strong bonds and a sober network of support, as well as learn from each other’s life experiences. Family sessions are useful for helping individuals integrate back into home life after treatment comes to an end. This is an especially great opportunity to communicate with loved ones about their addiction experiences and to listen to how addiction has impacted their family. Our entire team at Intervention Drug Rehab Association is fully licensed and experienced in the field of recovery.

Achieve Success with Intervention Drug Rehab Association
Everything Intervention Drug Rehab Association strives for is to prepare clients for life after their addiction treatment program. By monitoring them through their clinically managed detox and creating recovery plans that treat all aspects of addiction, they prepare their clients for success and lasting sobriety. If you or someone you love requires professional assistance to get clean and build a brighter future, call our compassionate and experienced network of providers today.

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