Five Ways to Tell You’re in Denial About Addiction

Five Ways to Tell You’re in Denial About Addiction

Five Ways to Tell You’re in Denial About Addiction

A Common Reaction
Society often subconsciously promotes drug and alcohol abuse. Movies and television shows frequently depict the consumption of intoxicating substances at parties. The high school party experience is notoriously associated with peer pressure, binge drinking, and experimental drug use. It should be no surprise that millions of people grow up with debilitating substance abuse issues.
Have you ever wondered whether or not you show signs of engaging in drug addiction? Consider that a modern addiction recovery facility could hold the key to restoring your enjoyment in life. You deserve to treat yourself with respect and dignity. Here are five ways to tell that you may be in denial about drug addiction. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, please call Intervention Drug Rehab substance abuse treatment centers immediately.

You Rely on Alcohol or Drugs as a Way of Coping With Stressful Situations
Does your first reaction to a stressful situation involve popping open a bottle of whiskey or taking a pill? Your response could reveal important information to you.
Your body possesses a wealth of valuable, unspoken knowledge. If you always feel an urge to consume alcohol or drugs in response to tension during the course of daily life, pay close attention to this message. You may discover you’ve developed an unhealthy dependency upon a substance.

2. Your Loved Ones Claim You Abuse Alcohol or Drugs
Sometimes, the people who care about you the most perceive things that escape your attention. If a loved one tells you that you’ve begun abusing alcohol or drugs, don’t dismiss their warning. It could save your life.
The fact that a loved one harbors concern about the possibility of substance abuse in your life indicates they have spent time observing your behavior carefully. Would they share this potentially upsetting information with you if they did not love you? Probably not. Pay respect to the people who value you the most by considering their perspectives if they admonish you with concerns regarding addiction, they could be enabling you to continue unhealthy habits.

3. You’ve Missed Important Commitments Because of Partying, Despite Your Best Intentions

Another tell-tale warning sign of possible denial of drug or alcohol abuse relates to missed commitments. Have you ever told a coworker you would handle a matter, and then forgotten about your promise? Or have you resolved to attend an important family event, and missed the date?
A series of dishonored commitments at work or in the community could reveal important information about your real priorities. This issue raises a red flag. Pay attention!

4. You Have Experienced a “Blackout”
One of the most glaring signs of serious substance abuse relates to memory loss. If you’ve experienced periods of “blackout,” blocks of time that disappeared from your memory completely, heed this symptom!
Individuals who are addicted to drugs often experience blackouts. These episodes are a warning to take action immediately if you suffer from attention deficits after consuming alcohol or drugs.

5. You Find Yourself Unable to Refrain From “Just One More”
Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you simply could not stop yourself from consuming one more drink, or one more pill? The “just one more” syndrome encapsulates all addictions.
Try resisting the urge to drink or take drugs for the next month. If you find you cannot honor that resolve, consider seeking professional assistance at a drug rehab center.

Taking Decisive Action
These are all symptoms of drug addiction. To resolve questions about substance abuse, voluntarily entering a substance abuse treatment program holds value. You’ll gain vital knowledge about yourself and your responses to stress, depression, and anxiety. Please call Intervention today to set up a consultation the begin your new life.

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