“I Saw The Light”: The Wonders and Dangers of DMT

“I Saw The Light”: The Wonders and Dangers of DMT

“I Saw The Light”: The Wonders and Dangers of DMT

What is DMT?

DMT stands for N,N-dimethyltryptamine and has two associations: psychedelic drugs and death. Its first appearance was within a burial site in Northern Chile. DMT was most likely used for snuffing or in other words, snorting. DMT became commonly found in indigenous areas until it was synthesized by Richard Manske in 1931. By 1971, DMT was officially banned within the US and marked as a schedule 1 drug. DMT is located in the central part of your brain in a somewhat hidden “chamber” and actually releases tiny bits of itself even as you are sleeping. DMT is supposed to be a main factor in dreams and the subconscious. DMT is not just found within people but also in the whole animal and plant kingdoms. In terms of death, DMT is what is released just before we pass and is what has been the scientific explanation for ‘’seeing the light.” This also includes near death experiences and the adrenaline that is produced. This feeling is reproduced repeatedly when taken as a psychedelic drug.


Up, Up, And Away…

DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman explains the psychedelic wonders of DMT. He talks about the side effects that were reported in a study conducted in 1956 by a Dr. Szara. The side effects were explained as euphoria with extreme hallucinations. The hallucinations went from pseudo-hallucinations to full on real life images. These symptoms lasted about forty-five minutes to an hour and then slowly diminished. Other side effects appeared to be the dilation of pupils, elevated heart rate, blood pressure, and rectal temperature. Like most drugs, not everyone experiences the same side effects. Though most feel the uppers of DMT, there are plenty who feel fear and apprehension. This is due to the person’s initial feelings of being “out of control” of their emotions and self in general. Some also experienced high anxiety and their sense of euphoria was altered.


Intervention Drug Rehab Association

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