Is it Time to Seek Help?

Is it Time to Seek Help?

Is it Time to Seek Help?

If you’re reading this today, it just might be time. Intervention Drug Rehab Association knows how hard it can be to ask for help. For some people, it can be the most difficult part of the addiction treatment process. We just want you to know that once you take the brave step of making the call or sending the email, we will be here for you every step of the way. Managing an addiction is near impossible without the guidance and rehabilitation process provided by an addiction recovery center. Each one of our clients receives a personalized addiction treatment program because we know that achieving sobriety is not a cookie cutter process. We are committed to helping each client find what works best for their individual situation.


Do You Recognize These Symptoms?


  1. Are you using drugs to get high? Prescription drugs can be useful for a time, when prescribed by a physician; however, when they are used just for the high, this crosses over into drug abuse. When drug use crosses over from therapeutic to recreational, it then becomes abuse.
  2. Is there a dependency on the drug of choice? Dependency happens when your body is used to operating with a certain amount of drugs or alcohol in your system. If you’re dependent, you will typically experience withdrawal symptoms when you aren’t using.
  3. Do you find that you spend most of your time thinking about when you will next use drugs or alcohol, how you’ll pay for it, or where you’ll get it? Being preoccupied with your drug of choice is a sign that it’s time to seek help.
  4. Has your body become tolerant to the previous doses you were taking? If you find that you’ve been needing greater amounts of the drug or alcohol to achieve the same effects, this means you’ve developed a tolerance, and it’s time to detox.


What is Rehab Like?


Our experienced case managers guide each new client through a detailed assessment and evaluation in order to determine their history of addiction and severity of substance abuse. This enables us to create a customized addiction treatment program for you at our drug rehab center. One size does not fit for everyone when it comes to a drug rehab program, and we want to ensure that you are receiving treatment for your specific situation, not anyone else’s.


The idea of detox can be scary. It means letting the drugs and alcohol leave your system so that you can learn to live without it. We know that the prospect of this can be frightening, but our experienced staff members monitor each of our clients through a clinically managed detox in order to ensure their comfort and safety throughout the entire process.  Following detox, our clients live together in our luxury drug rehab homes, attending group therapy, individual counseling, and learning to exist in a drug and alcohol free home-like environment. Contact our helpful intake coordinators today if you are ready to make a healthy change. We will be there for you during every step of the way.

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