Marijuana Addiction and Rehab

Marijuana Addiction and Rehab

Marijuana Addiction and Rehab

The most often abused psychoactive drug in the United States is marijuana. Generally marijuana is smoked as a mix of shredded flowers, leaves, and stems of the hemp plant. When smoked in this manner, cannabis sativa can often cause immune system problems and respiratory issues. There are many ways to smoke marijuana, including: blunts, joints, bongs (pipes or water pipes), or even apples.


Why Do People Smoke Marijuana?


Marijuana is often used to relax or escape in the same manner as alcohol. The euphoria of marijuana differs for every user, and the potential for anxiety and paranoia as side effects is very high. Many states have now legalized the use of marijuana with a prescription; however, it is still often abused for recreational purposes as opposed to medical ones. Some people prefer to ingest marijuana through “edibles” such as cookies, brownies, or candy. Consuming this drug through the oil form can be less harmful when it comes to immediate side effects such as coughing, breathing problems, and lung trouble, yet there are still many long term effects of the drug use that come into play.


How to Help Someone Who is Addicted


While you might be willing to do anything necessary to help your loved one who is addicted to marijuana, treatment will never be successful as long as he or she is not completely on board with making a positive life change. The best way to help is to educate yourself about marijuana and addiction recovery programs so that you have the resources to help the person you care about when he or she is finally ready to make that change for him or herself. Treatment for marijuana addiction is a two part process: detoxification and rehabilitation.


What Does Intervention Drug Rehab Association Offer?


Our network of providers is skilled at creating individualized addiction treatment programs for each client who enrolls in our luxury drug rehab center. Treatment begins with a clinically managed detox that is designed to ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one. Our experienced staff will make sure that the person you care for receives the proper amount of supervision throughout the entire process. Following a successful detox, clients reside in our luxury housing facilities with other clients who are currently in recovery.


While living together, they learn sober social norms and how to function within the roles of a normal home life situation. They also attend classes, therapy appointments, meetings with their case managers, and also get to join in on exciting off-site activities each weekend, such as hiking, kayaking, surfing, horseback riding, movie nights, and more.


Contact one of our helpful intake coordinators at Intervention Drug Rehab Association today. We are ready and waiting to take your call. It would be our pleasure to educate you about all of the addiction treatment program we offer for those who are struggling with ditching marijuana.


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