Meth and Death in the Land of Enchantment

Meth and Death in the Land of Enchantment

Meth and Death in the Land of Enchantment

More lives are being destroyed in New Mexico as the recreational and illegal use of methamphetamines grows unabated. In the years between 2010 and 2014 emergency room visits related to meth use almost tripled. Methamphetamines were involved in more than twice the amount deaths in 2009 as in 2014. And to make it worse, the predominantly small independent labs that traditionally supplied New Mexico’s users are increasingly giving way to large producers in Mexico. The meth coming from labs south of the border is of better quality and higher strength than the local product and is creating even greater dangers for its users.


Considering the meth problem, it is vital to understand the difference between methamphetamines and amphetamines. Amphetamines are drugs legally prescribed and widely used for a variety of legitimate purposes, such as treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and aiding in appetite suppression for weight loss. Methamphetamine, however, is a much more powerful form of amphetamine that is made with toxic chemicals and sold illegally under many different names including meth, crystal, ice, speed and crank.


The effects of meth use are easy to spot and as the popularity of the drug grows, it becomes even more important to be observant of friends and family members. Symptoms a new user can include tooth decay, sores on the skin, and extreme loss of weight. The user becomes paranoid and easily irritated, ruining relationships and causing people to lose their jobs. Anyone suffering from a meth dependence needs to seek out a substance addiction facility where treatment can begin. Tragedy could be just around the corner as overdoses are common and there are no effective measures to reverse the effects of this dangerous drug. Getting in touch with a drug rehab center could save a life.


The role of an addiction treatment center should not be underestimated. Many drug addicts believe that they will have the ability to conquer their need for drugs solely on their own, without the guidance and support of a substance abuse center. It is especially important to avoid this thinking when a mental illness is involved. The truth is that gaining, and maintaining, control is much more likely to be achieved with the direction of a drug rehab facility and the support of friends and family.


An addiction recovery center has the proper resources to break the grip of addiction. These resources include helping the individual identify the causes of seeking the euphoria and feelings that drugs hold out as a reward for users. Finding and fixing the issue that set the user on their self-destructive course takes time and concentrated effort, but in the end has a worthwhile payoff of regaining control of their life. This is the goal of an addiction recovery facility.


Another primary role of a drug rehab clinic is to act as a barrier. As the meth addict goes through detoxification, their body will fight every step of the way, demanding its supply of meth. Here is where the addiction recovery facility is the guardian of his progress in training his body to live without drugs.


A strong presence of drug rehab centers has emerged in New Mexico, providing choices for the drug addict and his supporting family and friends. Residential programs vary in length with some as short as only 28 days. Better results come with extended programs, there are at least 10 drug rehab centers in New Mexico that offer these longer stays.


While meth is not the only drug that is addictive, it is one of the most dangerous, particularly because there is nothing available in today’s toolkit to reverse the effects of an overdose. There is a high risk of permanent heart problems, brain damage, or even death. Meth use awareness among friends and family members could help stop someone from the free fall of meth addiction.


If you are struggling with a meth addiction, please call Intervention Association to set up a consultation at an addiction treatment facility.

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