Do You Need a Specialist for Addiction Recovery?

Do You Need a Specialist for Addiction Recovery?

Do You Need a Specialist for Addiction Recovery?

Having a personal specialist is always beneficial, and recommended, for any addiction. But those with a long-term, extreme dependence on opiates, cocaine, or methamphetamines will benefit the most, as the professional guides clients through the whole process. This includes intervention with the whole family, enrollment at the finest drug detox program for their particular addiction, transfer to an experienced drug rehab center, and additional aftercare services such as therapy and group meetings. If you or anyone you know is dependent on drugs or alcohol to get through their daily lives, please call Intervention Association so we can pair you with an addiction specialist and/or the addiction recovery center that best suits your needs and requirements.

Benefits of a Personal Addiction Specialist
An addiction specialist is someone who is certified to the highest degree in drug addiction, treatment and recovery. Basically this person is at the tip-top of their profession, and knows everything necessary to get you or your loved one off drugs and into a substance free live full of reward and purpose. This person can administer any necessary medications to wean you off the drug(s) you’re addicted to and facilitate your withdrawals to see that the process is as safe and painless as possible.

Is a Specialist Right For You?
If you have had trouble kicking your dependence of drugs or alcohol, by yourself or at a addiction treatment facility, hiring an addiction specialist may be the right move for you. In addition, the most powerful addictive substances call for special treatment and individualized recovery plans.

Nearly half of all addictions concern an underlying mental illness or disorder. If you are one of these people that struggle with the difficult battle of conquering a binary mental health issue, an addiction specialist will surely help you overcome mental health problems in order to treat your addiction subsequently. Having your own specialist, you can get the close attention only someone that’s individually dedicated to your case. The expert may be able to treat your mental illness, or will appoint you to a professional whose record shows success of the clients in your particular situation.

Those with a physical hindrance may also benefit from a personal specialist. If you have trouble getting out of bed, or can’t leave your home, addiction specialists often make house calls, treating their clients in the comfortable confines of their own home.

How Can I Find a Specialist?
There are plenty of resources for those who are looking for an experienced addiction professional. Directories like the American Society of Addiction Medicine help people find the right specialist for their personality and unique situation every day. Or, you can skip the search altogether and call Intervention Association today. We will pair you with the ideal addiction expert, drug rehab clinic, and/or substance detox center for your addiction, needs, and experiences.

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