No Need to Fear…Relapse Prevention Programs Are Here!

No Need to Fear…Relapse Prevention Programs Are Here!

No Need to Fear…Relapse Prevention Programs Are Here!

What is Relapsing and How Can it be Prevented?
Relapsing, in relation to substance abuse, is when a client is released from a rehab facility and returns to the substances they were previously addicted to. Depending on the individual, relapsing can occur anywhere between the time of being released from a facility to six months after. The key in avoiding relapsing is to have a well planned relapse prevention program. Therapists at Intervention Drug Rehab Association are prepared to talk about positive coping mechanisms to help prevent relapsing. Some of the relapse prevention tips include:

Find support- leaving a main support system (Intervention Drug Rehab Association) can be difficult; however, there are many other support groups out there that will accept recovering clientswith open arms. These support groups can be found at church, yoga studios, family groups, etc.
New friends- it is most likely that some friends are still involved with drugs and alcohol. Make new, positive, and insightful friends who will support your sobriety and the continuous recovery journey.
Be mindful of triggers and temptations- know what triggers and temptations are and when they come up, try to substitute those needs with exercise or another form of healthy activity.
Stay healthy-be involved in exercising and eating healthy. Get a good night’s sleep and stay positive each day.
Journaling-sometimes keeping a journal of daily activities is a therapeutic activity. Therapists can later go over journal entries for more clarification and other relapse prevention tips if there seems to be consistent struggles.

Therapists will also discuss with clients how to be reasonable with relapse prevention motivations. It is easy to become overzealous with sobriety goals that are currently out of reach. Therapists will help clients choose goals that can be successfully achieved and keep them away from drugs and alcohol.

About Our Facility
Intervention Drug Rehab Association is a substance abuse rehabilitation facility that accepts patients on rolling enrollment basis. We offer a broad spectrum of painless services for clients who are struggling with addiction. Some of these services include our dual diagnosis method. Within this process patients will be attended to by physicians and therapists. Staff members will support each client through a safe and comfortable clinically managed detox. After the completion of the detox, clients are sent to spend the remainder of their addiction recovery program at Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s luxury housing facility. Here, therapists will be available for one on one group sessions, 12 step programs, and discuss further methods of relapse prevention.

Have You Relapsed?
If you have, it’s okay. Intervention Drug Rehab Association understands that being on your own and recovering from addiction can be extremely difficult. However, we are still here to help you. Call today, and have one of our compassionate intake coordinators take care of all your questions and concerns. Don’t let addiction get you down again, and join us in helping you prevent any further relapses.

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