Professional Preparation Services and Addiction Recovery

Professional Preparation Services and Addiction Recovery

Professional Preparation Services and Addiction Recovery

What is Treatment Like?

Throughout treatment at Intervention Drug Rehab Association, our clients are cared for through our dual diagnosis approach. By identifying and treating both the physical and psychological side effects of each individual’s addiction, our network of providers is able to set our clients up with a solid foundation for successful and lasting sobriety. We maintain a low capacity of clients in order to be able to offer the highest quality of care. By ensuring a decreased client count, our clients are afforded consistent access to comprehensive care and our broad spectrum of addiction treatment services.

What Are Professional Preparation Services?

Professional preparation services, sometimes known as recovery support services, are offered to all clients at Intervention Drug Rehab Association before the end of their treatment. In Linda Kaplan’s paper, “The Role of Recovery Support Services in Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care,” she writes that, “recovery support services are expected to extend and enhance the treatment continuum in at least two ways.”

They aid in preventing relapse and promote long term recovery, which reduces the strain on the already overburdened treatment system.
When individuals do relapse, these recovery support services can minimize the negative effects through early intervention and if necessary, timely referral to treatment.

Once our clients have gone through a medically induced detox and have been actively participating in therapeutic sessions, our network of providers will encourage them to take part in our professional preparation services program. Here is where clients can get help with:

how to create a quality resume
participating in simulated interviews
education on drugs and alcohol
case management
the employment search
career changes
life skills like establishing residency, budgeting, maintenance of bodily well being, and more
family services
connections to self-help and support groups outside of the drug rehab center

How Do Professional Preparation Services Help?

Kaplan writes in her paper that, “addiction treatment and recovery support services have repeatedly been shown to be effective with many people achieving recovery.” For example, when clients are prepared with a quality resume and engaging answers to interview questions, the chances of gaining employment are higher. By equipping our clients with all of the necessary tools and skills to maintain their sobriety during stressful or challenging situations, the risk of relapse is lessened.

What Else Does Intervention Offer?

After a successful detox, you or your loved one will take residence in one of Intervention Drug Rehab Association’s upscale housing accommodations with others who are living in sobriety. You will get the chance to explore multiple positive coping mechanisms like 12 step programs, exercise, art, yoga, meditation, group therapy and individual counseling. Our providers will work with you to help you determine which of these practices are viable for you as a replacement for substance abuse. Our relapse prevention programs last 30, 60, or 90 days based on severity of addiction and substance abuse history. Call our experienced and caring intake coordinators today. They are ready and waiting to help get you or someone you love onto the road of recovery.

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