Professional Preparation Services as an Integral Component of Recovery

Professional Preparation Services as an Integral Component of Recovery

Professional Preparation Services as an Integral Component of Recovery

Why utilize professional preparation services?

In order to ensure that clients are provided with all of the skills and tools necessary to maintain their sobriety upon returning to home life and the workforce, the inclusion of practical support services further prepares them to take on commitments and responsibilities, after treatment has come to an end. Following a clinically managed detox and a 30, 60, or 90-day addiction recovery program, clients often return home and falter, due to the lack of enforced structure and guidance. Because of this, Intervention Drug Rehab Association has perfected our renown professional preparation services program and can tailor it to the specific needs of individual clients.


In a paper written by Linda Kaplan of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, entitled “The Role of Recovery Support Services in Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care,” she states that, “Successful peer recovery support programs offer clients a network for building strong and mutually supportive relationships with formal systems in their communities (i.e., treatment programs, housing, transportation, justice, education)” (4). Intervention Drug Rehab Association fosters the creation of sober support networks and also acts as a liaison between our clients and the court system, ensuring that they are able to meet any legal requirements necessary, throughout the duration of their program. Both of these services aid in relapse prevention.


What are professional preparation services?

  • Employment services and job training
  • Case management
  • Life skills such as budgeting, maintenance of bodily well-being, establishing residency, and more
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • Seminars on creating resumes and simulated interviews
  • Family services
  • Counseling on how to communicate with loved ones about your addiction and sober lifestyle


What are the effects of professional preparation services?

Those who participate in professional preparation services are more equipped to handle life back at home and on the job. Linda Kaplan writes that, “studies have also shown that providing comprehensive services assists recovery and that strong social supports also improve recovery outcomes” (3). Here at Intervention Drug Rehab Association, we truly want to see our clients thrive upon completion of their addiction treatment program. In a study regarding professional preparation services, upon checking in 24 months later, those who participated, “had significantly lower substance use, significantly higher monthly income, and significantly lower incarceration rates,” than those who did not (3).


Toward the end of each addiction treatment program, Intervention Drug Rehab Association offers these services to clients who will soon be returning to home life and the workforce. Some clients may need help with creating a resume and searching for a job while others could benefit from extra classes on stimulants and depressants. Many of our clients take advantage of family counseling services, where one of our licensed professionals can moderate group discussions about the effects of addiction on the family and the type of support the client requires when re-entering the home. We know that each client has had a different experience with addiction, and as such, their treatment program and professional preparation services are tailored directly to them. Contact our network of providers if you or someone you care would benefit from these comprehensive services, within an addiction treatment program at our drug rehab center.

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