Scary New Drugs That Are Flooding the Streets

Scary New Drugs That Are Flooding the Streets

Scary New Drugs That Are Flooding the Streets

There is always a new drug out there for people to get addicted to. Family and friends may not be familiar with the appearance or effects of these drugs, making it easy for the addict to use without detection. Here are five of the newest, most dangerous drugs that have become popular among teens and adult users.

1. Weed Candy
In the last few years, this new way to use marijuana has spread through the school system. It is made by reducing the plant to a fine powder,mixing it with glucose so that it hardens and looks like candy. This kind of drug is quite insidious because it can be disguised in plain sight. Due to the legalization of marijuana in some states, it is entirely possible to order it from legal online sellers and have it delivered to your home. It comes in many forms, including gummies, jolly ranchers, chocolate bars, mints, chews, lollipops and fruit bars.
Weed candy may sound relatively harmless, but in this form the drug is available in a wide variety of potencies. It can cause hallucinations and can last for extended periods of time. There is currently one family suing a weed candy seller because they claim it caused their son to kill his wife.

2. Wet
Also known as “Fry,” Wet is a volatile combination of marijuana and PCP. The user takes a marijuana joint or cigarette and laces it with formaldehyde, phencyclidine, or a combination of the two. This concoction can cause permanent lung damage and respiratory failure. Wet triggers aggression and violent behavior and has already been linked to several murders in the U.S.
This drug causes high levels of stimulation and lowered inhibition. It can slow the nervous system to cause a numb, sedated feeling. The side effects are beyond alarming. It causes an insensitivity to pain, paranoia, aggression, delusions and a drop in blood pressure that can lead to convulsions, coma or death. Users typically sweat a lot, have poor coordination and slurred speech.

3. Acetyl Fentanyl
This designer drug is said to be four times more potent than heroin. It is known for causing frequent overdoses very similar to a heroin overdose. Users frequently don’t even know it is in their heroin, so the drugs to treat the overdose have no effect. These overdoses tend to occur in groups, as multiple people use from the same batch of heroin laced with acetyl fentanyl. This drug is readily available because of a legal loophole. Right now, it is classified as “not for human consumption” and thus drug laws do not apply to it.

4. Smiles
The clinical name for this drug is 2C-I. Smiles is primarily used by high school students. It was actually popularized by kids putting youtube videos up of themselves using the drug. Similar to bath salts, it causes extreme hallucinations and has wildly random effects. Some users have been seem smashing their head into the ground, shaking and foaming at the mouth. Side effects include vomiting and extreme panic attacks.

5. Etilozam
This drug is also known as “etizzy” and is sold by disreputable online pharmacies. This drug is similar to benzodiazepine in that it helps users relax and lose touch with reality. Etizolam has some very noticeable and unsightly side effects, including skin lesions and eyelid twitching. This drug in particular is causing concern among police and parents of at-risk teens.
It is extremely important to be vigilant in observing the behavior of those you love, especially your children. Addiction is notoriously difficult to break. The sooner you intervene, the easier it will be to stop. If you think someone you know is using one of these or any other drugs, please call Intervention to enroll in one of our drug rehab centers or recovery treatment clinics. Most addicts only recover once they have gone through a serious program that retrains their way of thinking and sends them on a healthy path that begins with detox at a rehab facility.

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