Seasonal Affective Disorder – Symptoms and Treatment

Seasonal Affective Disorder – Symptoms and Treatment

Seasonal Affective Disorder – Symptoms and Treatment

If cold winter days make you feel lethargic or you tend to feel depressed when those dark nights and chilled weather arrives, it is possible that you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a psychological disorder that is related to mood, and it happens only in particular weather or weather changes.

Most people with SAD show their symptoms during late fall or in the beginning of winters. Also, this disorder fades off as the weather changes.

Here Are The Common Symptoms Of SAD

Less Energy– People suffering with this disorder usually become inactive every year when this type of weather arrives. They hate going out and love being at home. They develop strong desire to remain alone and also to sleep.

Loss Of Concentration- Lack of concentration is another symptom of SAD. Individuals are not able to concentrate on their work and want to have more sleep.

Fatigue- This disorder leads to fatigue. Even active people in a specific weather get tired easily when they are suffering with SAD and lose their interest in any type of work.

Weight Gain- Some people with SAD disorder start eating more in-order to fight against their sadness and thus they start gaining weight.

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Addiction

People with SAD disorder get addicted in their effort to deal with it. It has been noticed that people start alcohol consumption, smoking or taking drugs when they are faced with this problem. The situation worsens when they get addicted to drugs or alcohol, even after recovery from this problem.

Primary Cause Of Seasonal Affective Disorder

The exact cause of SAD is still unknown. According to some experts, this usually happens because of hormonal changes as well as lack of sunlight. Some experts say that during winter people with SAD disorder are less exposed to sunlight. The lack of sunlight affects making of serotonin (It is chemical present in brain that controls mood). Because of shortage in serotonin hormone, nerve cells that carries message become less active and thus leads to a depressed mood.

As this disorder is related to sunlight, therefore, this problem is more common in places where sunlight becomes insufficient and in winters it happens for a long time. People exposed with sunlight throughout the year are less prone to this health issue.

Treatment Of SAD Disorder

As this disease is related to psychology, it can be treated best with same type of treatment. The affected person should go out and take walk early morning and meet their friends and relatives. Do not take alcohol, drugs or other addictive substances to deal with loneliness. One should also consult to doctor and take expert advice when it is required. One can also take help of light therapy to cure this disease.

When in recovery, it can be even more difficult to deal with SAD. If you find yourself experiencing more cravings and triggers during the winter months, contact Intervention Drug Rehab Association to find out more about our excellent Outpatient treatment programs.

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