The New Flakka Epidemic

The New Flakka Epidemic

The New Flakka Epidemic

What is the Flakka Drug?
The flakka drug is a new synthetic street drug that has been rumored to be part heroin and part crack cocaine, when in reality it is a new form of bath salts. As a reminder, bath salts are a crystallized drug that can be smoked, injected, snorted and/or swallowed. Many researchers first believed that flakka was a stimulant due to its primary Spanish meaning “to be thin.” Most stimulant drugs contain anti-depressant chemicals which have weight loss qualities which was not the case. Like many other illicit drugs, flakka is usually combined with the usage of a softer drugs such as marijuana. The combination is known as “snacking” which can lead to serious health complications.

Flakka Side Effects
Many of the side effects associated with the new flakka drug are exotic and erratic behavior. Also, there are feelings of euphoria and high energy. There have been reports that those who are abusing flakka experience “superhuman” strength.” Other side effects include paranoia, muscle spasms, seizures, kidney failure, renal failure, and death. Many of those who overdose on flakka need immediate medical care. They not only become a safety hazard to to others but also themselves. It has been reported that some cases of those who overdose on flakka claim having been chased by a large group of people who were trying to kill them. These individuals not only experienced psychosis but also a rise in body temperature (hyperthermia) that can be up to 105 degrees.

Do Not Take Flakka!
Flakka is one of the newest drugs on the market. Its origin has been traced to small time drug dealing from China to sellers in the U.S. and has since been sold in Florida, Houston, and Ohio. Many of those who sell flakka are not even aware of its powerful side effects. People who pay thousands to try flakka also are not aware of what they are taking and are considered guinea pigs. An estimated 126 deaths occurred during the year 2013 due to the abuse of the new flakka drug.

Really, Don’t Do It!
If you or someone you know has or is thinking about trying flakka, say “no”; however, Intervention Drug Rehab Association understands that already being addicted to a substance can lead to harmful decisions, such as consuming flakka. Prevent yourself or your loved ones from trying flakka, and call us today. Intake coordinators will take the time to personalize your addiction recovery program. Your treatment plan will take place at our luxurious facility where you will have full support and care from our staff. Our experienced staff will be sympathetic towards your needs. Do not harm yourself further by experimenting with new street drugs. Substances like flakka can lead to even more severe consequences than the ones you may be experiencing now. Do not let substance abuse take over your life. Contact Intervention Drug Rehab Association today, and find out what you can do to save yourself from drugs like as flakka.

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