Top Ten Addicted Countries & What They Are Addicted To

Top Ten Addicted Countries & What They Are Addicted To

Top Ten Addicted Countries & What They Are Addicted To

People use drugs for a myriad of reasons. Mental health problems, trauma, social anxiety, self-loathing, you name it. The opulent and the deprived have their own reasons, and drug use seems to affect both demographics relatively equally. Drug addictions have different prevalence in different countries. Here are the top ten addicted countries and what they are addicted to. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, please call Intervention Drug Rehab to set up a consultation with an addiction recovery clinic today.

Mexico, Crystal Meth

Mexico is known for its behemoth of political corruption concerning drug cartels and illegal trafficking into the United States. They are also one of the most addicted countries in the world. The country has the highest percentage of people addicted to crystal meth, hovering around 4 percent.

Brazil, Oxi

The largest country in South America is hooked on a niche drug called oxi that most Americans probably haven’t heard of. The esoteric drug is a mixture of cocaine paste, gasoline, kerosene, and who knows what else. The effects are both addictive and hallucinogenic. In addition to the growing cocaine problem, excessive oxi use puts Brazil amongst the most drug addicted countries in the world.

United States, Prescription Pills

The United States has a problem with just about any drug you can think of. The biggest issue we have is with prescription pills. Over prescription of opioids and other powerful drugs has lead to an epidemic of pill addiction that often leads to heroin and other problematic addictions.

Canada, Marijuana

Leave it to Canada to have a problem with marijuana. The world’s most used drug is also one of the least physically addictive. However, it is still a real possibility to develop a problem with marijuana, especially when you’re young. Canada’s problem with marijuana lies within the adolescent demographic. The average age for pot introduction is 15.

Afghanistan, Heroin

The tragic country of the Middle East is not only torn by war, but an overwhelming economic dependence on the sale of heroin. Subsequently, there is also a quandary with use of the drug. Over a million people in the country are said to be addicted to heroin. Sadly, treatment at substance abuse centers is lacking in the war torn country.

Russia, Alcohol

Russia’s reputation as vodka lovers is reflected in their rates of addiction. The are the second most alcohol addicted country in the world. 25 percent of the males that die before the age of 55 die from an alcohol related death. This is obviously a contributing factor of the country’s unusually low life span.

Slovakia, Inhalants

10 percent of Slovakia’s population is addicted to inhalants, which pose the risks of death upon first use. It doesn’t matter whether the person is trying the drug casually is a hardened user, fatal inhalant overdoses are common. The only country with inhalants as their drug of choice, makes you wonder why it is such a problem there. Perhaps its cheap price contributes to the epidemic.

France, Prescription Pills

Overshadowing the United States with a prescription pill addiction is France. The socialist country has cheaper drug prices than the United States, which leads to abundant and cheap pills that the French abuse in high numbers.

Iran, Heroin

Like Afghanistan, proximity to the poppy plant creates a predicament with addiction to heroin.Tightening the border with their Afghan neighbors has decreased drug trafficking, but with  heroin addiction at disturbing levels, the country needs to allocate funds towards drug education, prevention, and recovery at addiction treatment centers.

United Kingdom, Alcohol

Though there are problems with cocaine and England and heroin in Scotland, alcohol reigns supreme as the divided country’s biggest drug problem. Beating out Russia for the biggest percentage of alcoholics in the world, a million and a half people are dependent on drinking in the U.K.

If you or anyone you is addicted to any drug or alcohol, please call Intervention Drug Rehab today so we can connect you with the ideal drug rehab center for your needs.

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