What Are 12 Step Programs?

What Are 12 Step Programs?

What Are 12 Step Programs?

The twelve step program has been of great importance in addiction recovery programs. This has not only helped a lot of people but provided solid foundations for many other addiction treatments and recovery programs. Started more than 65 years before, AA program contributes ending drug use and calls for a social support in making that happen.

Initially it was adopted by a small group of alcoholics who promoted drug recovery and passed it to the next generations. When people and the communities started using it, it grew in the form of other separate programs like CA, NA, etc. as well.

NA is an authority established in 1953 to help the people who want to get rid of drug dependence. It’s free to all the people without any charges or financial costs.  At the start, it was developed by AA and consisted of six points that later on turned into twelve with comprehensiveness and more details. The basic six steps of AA include the following:

Basic Steps

  • Admit you are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Addiction means having no control over taking something (drug, alcohol)
  • Identification of a higher power for restoration of original situation
  • Examination of mistakes made in the past
  • Suggest and make changes to overcome the mistakes
  • The movement to learn how to live a new life with a code of conduct.
  • The treated people will help others suffering from drugs addiction.

The necessary steps proved useful, and nowadays thousands of organizations are using these twelve steps to help people recover from addiction. We are going to present the twelve steps of AA for addiction recovery programs. It must be noted that the wording of the different steps has changed over time due to various reasons and certain groups.

Twelve Steps

    • Undergo an addiction recovery program for alcohol or drug dependency that has made life unmanageable.
    • Hold a belief that a higher and power can help us to get back to our normal lives.
    • Commit to changing ourselves and our lives as well.
    • Conduct searches to improve ourselves.
    • Admit our wrongs to God and other human beings.
    • Believe that God can help us and forgive us.
    • Humbly ask God for help.  
    • Prepare a list comprising of all the people we hurt and make plans to apologize.
    • Apologize to those who have been harmed by our addiction.
    • Continue to seek motivation and ask for help.
    • Use prayers and meditation to strengthen our contact with God.
    • Assist others in staying clean from drugs and alcohol.


Today, thousands of rehab centers can be found who are working on addiction recovery programs to control drugs abuse and ensure addiction treatments. These are serving people all around the globe. If you are ready to seek help for yourself or a loved one, contact Intervention Drug Rehab Association today. All of our programs have a 12 step component to encourage sustained sobriety.


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