What Are Smart Drugs?

What Are Smart Drugs?

What Are Smart Drugs?

In a dynamic society where everything is fast paced, the need to make methods, technologies and processes smart has never been more pressing. Scientists, Engineers and ICT experts are also up and doing to meet the ever growing demand for their services. Virtually everything around has become smart: Smart Televisions, Smart Mobile phones, Smart stores and so on.

Good as the above may be, certain traits which make us more intelligent are gradually being eroded. The advent of some of these technologies has robbed many of their users the need to engage their brains in some basic tasks. This may not have been bad but, for the latest invention of ‘Smart Drugs’. Certain chemical substances formulated to aid mental productivity. These drugs act to optimize the activities of some brain components and human hormones (chemicals substances in the body that control a number of human activities and responses).

Advocates of smart drugs believe that the advantages presented to its users and the development received by the economy far outweighs its demerits. However, the increased likelihood of abuse of smart drugs imply that more and more users are at risk of depression, nervous breakdown and more irrational behaviors which may translate into less safe society. These conditions inspired the need for these drugs in the first place but, addicted users who were previously free from these vices conditions are at risk of developing them. The question that requires urgent answer from relevant authorities is: Is the economy more important than human sanity?

Additionally, the human system has been designed to adapt to changes in its internal and external environment. Some of these responses are seen when the body responds to excessive heat by releasing more sweat and alter the posture of the body hair. Another example of such responses is the reduction of the human appendix due to its decreasing use by man. These responses occur over prolonged period of time and they are systemic in nature. Smart drugs however tend to increase the concentration of certain chemicals in the brain thereby forcing the brain to coerce the other organs of the body into action when they might not even be ready for it. A student who is able to work for 18 hours nonstop for days under the influence of smart drugs is at risk of system breakdown.

Lastly, human brain productivity is not just a function of biochemical activities of certain neurotransmitters or chemicals; development of some anatomical features of the brain is also important.  An efficient coordination between the biochemical and anatomical features of the brain culminates into a better and lasting physiological development. A 5 year old may have his brain chemicals stimulated by a smart drug; he is likely to age faster than he is supposed because of the deficiencies in the balance between the biochemical and anatomical properties of his system.

If you or someone you love has become addicted to Smart Drugs as performance enhancers or energy boosters, call or email our helpful intake coordinators today. Intervention Drug Rehab Association is here to help you every step of the way through your recovery journey.

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