What to Expect During Addiction Recovery

What to Expect During Addiction Recovery

What to Expect During Addiction Recovery

The Basic Stages of Recovery from Drug Addiction:

Every recovery is different from one another. However, it is important that these recoveries are broken down into different stages so the drug addict knows what is to be expected in the future. These phases of recovery mainly include:

  • The beginning of addiction recovery. This stage usually occurs for drug addicts in rehabilitation centers
  • The early recovery refers to the first few months, which are usually spent adapting to life without drugs and alcohol.
  • Recovery maintenance is the next stage in which the drug addicts learn to settle into day-to-day life and stay sober simultaneously.
  • The drug addict enters the next stage called the advanced recovery approximately after two years into addiction recovery. This stage does not mean that the addicts are cured; however, they get the feeling of a new chance at life, as the addiction has become manageable.

Early Recovery:

In this stage, the drug addict feels fresh and new. It may take some individuals a great deal of time before they can get used to this new life. Early recovery is considered the base for recovery from addiction, hence, it is important that addicted individuals pass from this stage successfully. However, the early recovery stage is the most dangerous stage as there are high chances for a drug addicts to return to the life of addiction.

Recovery Maintenance:

As the drug addict enters the recovery maintenance stage, the addict learns how to spend the day-to-day life by being sober. The use of drugs and alcohol is removed from the root as the drug addict spends every day without any addiction. This helps to establish a control over addiction.

Advanced Recovery:

Almost after two years into recovery, the drug addict enters the advanced recovery stage and learns to build new relationships and mend old ones. This stage allows the drug addict to carry out different tasks properly, such as maintaining financial records, making budgets etc.

Where to Turn

Intervention Drug Rehab Association offers customized addiction treatment programs designed for each individual client. Our client to staff ratio is nearly 1:1, a statistic that is rarely seen at most drug rehab centers. We are proud to be able to support our clients throughout every stage of recovery. We offer detox centers, inpatient programming, and outpatient services. Clients are also helped with creating sober support networks to be there for them even after treatment is complete. Call one of our experienced intake coordinators today to learn about everything we have to offer.


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