Who is to Blame for Your Alcoholism?

Who is to Blame for Your Alcoholism?

Who is to Blame for Your Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a difficult addiction to overcome. Usually those who are addicted to alcohol have easy access to it, or have been drinking for a prolonged period of time and cannot live without it. Those who abuse alcohol also consume large amounts during a short period of time, lack urgency for their responsibilities, struggle maintaining relationships, and often time have no reconciliations due to “blackouts” Being addicted to alcohol can have its damaging effects. When you abuse alcohol, you run the risk of causing yourself brain damage, heart complication, liver failure, and even have higher possibilities of getting cancer. Many take the use of alcohol lightly; however, studies have shown that those who are addicted to alcohol have more than just stresses in their life.

Alcoholism can actually be the outcome of genetic and chromosomal malfunctions. There are proteins that are transmitted to the brain, which are needed for us to be healthy. This genetic malfunction stops that protein from reaching the brain, which has been connected to many studies in alcoholism. One of the studies was conducted by Dr. Ron of the Department of Neurology at the University of San Francisco, California. The study he produced involved mice, and he, along with his colleagues, discovered the mice who carried the genetic defect had a higher percentage of relying on alcohol.

Analyzing this from a human perspective, if you have the genetic mutation where proteins are not being transmitted to your brain properly, then you have a higher chance of becoming addicted to alcohol. Your chances of being dependent on alcohol are also raised when your family has a history of alcoholism. About 1.6 million people suffer from alcoholism, which is recognized as a disease that affects the body physically and mentally. With the knowledge that we have about the chromosomal defects, there may be a possibility to tailor genetics to help those who are affected by the struggles of alcohol in the future.

However, until that day comes, Intervention Drug Rehab Association is here to help. It is important for you to know that we offer a broad spectrum of pain free services to help you overcome your struggles with alcohol addiction. Contact us today, and an intake coordinator will help you plan a customized addiction recovery program that is suitable for you and your needs. We want you to have a successful recovery; therefore, we focus on both the physical and mental recovery that you will need. Our compassionate staff members are available to help you avoid any painful withdrawals with the help of a clinically managed detox and therapy sessions. Intervention Drug Rehab Association is a luxurious facility that also offers a number of activities ranging from yoga to kayaking that you can enjoy with others who are going through the same type of recovery. We also offer professional preparation services to help continue your addiction recovery outside of our facility. We offer guidance on how to prepare for interviews, assist with professional resumes, and give advice on many other day-to-day responsibilities. Do not let others tell you that it is your fault that you abuse alcohol. There is never anyone to blame for addiction; however, you don’t have to let alcoholism run your life. Call Intervention Drug Rehab Association today to let us guide you toward a future that is sober, happy, and healthy.

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